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Ugly Dolls - click to enlarge
Ugly Dolls - click to enlarge

Ugly Dolls Plush Toys

Uglydolls are really beautiful dolls. They offer individuals the opportunity to celebrate and accept who they are on the inside and express those feeling on the outside. Everyone has heard the sayings, “Beauty is only skin deep” or “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Everyone has their own perceptive of what is beautiful and what is ugly. Uglydolls help adults and children express who they are through emotions and feelings. These dolls are therapeutic and can help kids with problems express how they feel, release inner tensions and deal with frustrations.

The characteristic of each doll is described as human behaviors or human tendencies. People go through a series of emotions each day. One minute they are happy and care free and the next minute they are fearful, sad, lonely or depressed. Ugly dolls are unique they are actually saying this is how I look on the outside but this is not who I am on the outside.

Uglydolls are plushy, soft and irresistible. One particular ugly doll is name “Wage” and he is works at the local grocery store. Despite his hard work and efforts he still remains invisible to his employers. However, he remains positive and upbeat. His enthusiasm does not allow him to ignore other people who are lonely or sad to cross his path without saying a few encouraging words.

Workers can take a lesson from “Wage” and learn to accept who they are and be comfortable with what they do. There are hundreds of dolls just like wage that actually touches on how people feel in real situations. Unlike individuals Ugly dolls are not afraid to openly express how they feel.

Kram Scrammy is an ugly doll that loves knowledge. Remember the saying, “The more you know the farther you go”? Well, Scrammy really believes this. He is thirsty for information and knowledge of any kind. His curiosity can be a problem at times but to quieted him down just take him to the nearest old fashion telephone booth. Just do not give him a beeper!

Most Ugly dolls are recommended for children of all ages. They inspire and enhance creativity. They have won the Parents Best Choice Awards and they are collectible, huggable, and entertaining.

UglyDoll Ninja Batty Shogun 12 inch Classic Plush DollUglyDoll Ninja Batty Shogun 12 inch Classic Plush Doll

PRU10433Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $17.95 (You Save: 10%)
UglyDoll Cozymonster 12-inchUglyDoll Cozymonster 12-inch

PRU10435Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $17.95 (You Save: 10%)
UglyDoll 12'' Classic Nandy BearUglyDoll 12'' Classic Nandy Bear

PRU10437Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $18.95 (You Save: 5%)
UglyDoll Classic Wippy : 12 Inch PlushUglyDoll Classic Wippy : 12 Inch Plush

PRU10438Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $18.95 (You Save: 5%)
UglyDoll Ninja Batty Shogun Clip OnUglyDoll Ninja Batty Shogun Clip On

PRU20433Price: $6.25
Sale Price: $6.25
Uglydoll Jumbo 2 Foot Gassy

PRU71482Price: $40.00
Sale Price: $35.95 (You Save: 10%)
Uglydoll Jumbo 2 Foot Ghosty

PRU71483Price: $40.00
Sale Price: $35.95 (You Save: 10%)
UglyDoll Black  Ice BatUglyDoll Black Ice Bat

PRU80071Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $17.95 (You Save: 10%)
Uglydoll US Open Exclusive - Big ToeUglydoll US Open Exclusive - Big Toe

PRU93325Price: $25.00
Sale Price: $20.00 (You Save: 20%)
UglyDolls 10th Anniversary WageUglyDolls 10th Anniversary Wage

PRU93330Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $18.95 (You Save: 5%)
Uglydoll Tote Bag - GreenUglydoll Tote Bag - Green

PRU94012Price: $6.95
Sale Price: $5.95 (You Save: 14%)
Uglydoll Tote Bag PinkUglydoll Tote Bag Pink

PRU94014Price: $6.95
Sale Price: $5.95 (You Save: 14%)
Uglydoll Tote Bag (White)Uglydoll Tote Bag (White)

PRU94015Price: $5.95
Sale Price: $4.95 (You Save: 17%)
Uglydoll Uglydog Drawstring Tote BagUglydoll Uglydog Drawstring Tote Bag

PRU94021Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $17.00 (You Save: 15%)
Uglydoll Trunko Drawsting Tote BagUglydoll Trunko Drawsting Tote Bag

PRU94024Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $17.00 (You Save: 15%)
Schylling Uglydoll Pail- ages 3 and upSchylling Uglydoll Pail- ages 3 and up

SCHUDPAILPrice: $9.99
Sale Price: $8.99 (You Save: 10%)

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