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Home > Toys and Games > Poof Slinky Tripoley Card Game

Poof Slinky Tripoley Card Game - click to enlarge
Poof Slinky Tripoley Card Game - click to enlarge

Poof Slinky Tripoley Card Game

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The POOF-Slinky 0C1241 Ideal Tripoley Deluxe Mat Edition Card Game is a combination of Michigan Rummy, Hearts and Poker that has provided entertainment to millions of families for the past 75-years. The object of this best selling game is to collect chips through a series of easy to master games, which includes Hearts, Poker and Michigan Rummy. After completing the first round of games the deal will pass to the left. The new dealer will re-shuffle the cards and begin again by placing chips on each of the Tripoley sections (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, King-Queen, 8-9-10, Kitty and Pot) then deal out the deck to all players plus a “dead hand”. The player who collects the most chips by the end of the determined amount of rounds wins the game. This game of chance is now enhanced with a 2-sided Las Vegas style foldable 24-inch by 24-inch deluxe playing mat. Enjoy the classic game of Tripoley on one-side or flip it over to play the popular game of Texas Hold’em! Designed to feel just like a real poker table, Tripoley’s mat keeps cards and chips in place and lets you concentrate on winning. The whole family can get into a strategic battle of wits to win pot after pot in these high stakes games. Tripoley is designed for 2-9-players, measures 10.5-inches by 2.5-inches by 10.5-inches and includes (100) chips, 2-sided mat, card deck and English and Spanish instructions. Ideal has been providing classic toys, magic sets, board games, tabletop games and other activities that parents trust and kids love since 1907. The POOF-Slinky 0C1241 Ideal Tripoley Deluxe Mat Edition Card Game is recommended for people 8-years of age and older. POOF-Slinky, Inc. is the maker of Poof, Slinky, Ideal and Scientific Explorer Brands. Their product lines offer new exciting play with the highly successful Sno-Toys line, Fuzzoodles activity kits, as well as timeless classics, such as the original Slinky, Ideal table-top games, wood construction sets and over 400 other products.

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Providing classic toys, magic sets and games since 1907 How it’s Played? Play some of the most popular card games including, Hearts, Poker and Michigan Rummy and collect chips as you complete each round of games. After each round, the deal will pass to the left and a new dealer will shuffle the cards. The player with the most chips at the end of all rounds will be declared the winner. These classic games are fun to play, easy to learn and suitable for 2-9-players, which makes it perfect for game night.

Teaches Children How to Follow Rules and Socialize This game is perfect for family game night and suitable for people ages 8-years of age and older. Kids and adults will understand the rules and will enjoy playing these classic games. This is an exciting way to teach children how to follow rules, wait their turns and basic social skills. Children will learn classic card games with a slight twist. Playing cards teaches kids how to play competitively and be a good sport when it comes to winning and losing.

Great for Family Game Night This game combines classic card games for a new spin on traditional fun. It’s suitable for 2-9-players, is recommended for children 8-years of age and older and is perfect for family game night. With (100) chips and a mat that’s designed to feel like a real poker table, this game will keep game night exciting.

What's In The Box? Ideal's Tripoley Deluxe Mat Edition Card Game includes (100) chips, 2-sided mat, card deck and English and Spanish instructions.

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