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Electric Heaters - click to enlarge
Electric Heaters - click to enlarge

Electric Heaters

We offer competitive pricing on exceptional quality electric heaters from the world's top brands like Lasko and Honeywell. There are different types of heaters to choose from, depending on your needs.

Convection heaters use coils to heat up the air and fans to circulate this hot air around the room. They're best for rooms that are heavily used during the day, when you want substantial heat quickly. Most feature a thermostat that will maintain the surrounding air to the preset temperature. Ceramic heaters use a ceramic disc for the heating element, and provide a decent amount of heat for their compact size.

Ceramic heaters, considered one of the safest types of electric heaters, include the popular tower models that feature remote control operation. In oil-filled heaters, also known as radiators, a reservoir of oil is heated by a heating element, and the oil continues to warm after the element shuts off. Most include thermostats to automatically turn the unit on and off as needed, to maintain the desired temperature. This type of heater is perfect for night use in bedrooms, letting you shut off your central heating when you only need to heat one room.

Baseboard heaters can be placed underneath windows, where drafts are common. This will cause the cold air to mix with the rising hot air, which will then spread around the room. You can find more information, learn about BTUs and get tips on choosing the right heater for your needs on our Space Heaters Information page.

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We have a large selection of electric heaters and dehumidifiers!


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